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Bringing Hot Yoga Home

Pommello Sweats let you enjoy all the benefits of your favorite flow, with or without the heated studio.

Hot yoga has become widely adopted in recent years, and with good reason. Experts agree that there is a long list of health benefits to practicing hot yoga safely. Pommello Sweats is fitness gear that unlocks the power of heat to turn up the intensity on your workout, giving you all the benefits of hot yoga, anytime and anywhere.

Harper Botorowicz is a Pommello brand ambassador and lifelong lover of yoga. In a recent interview she commented, “Hot yoga is detoxing. It’s challenging. I feel like you can get that wearing Pommello. I get sweaty without having to get super-hot, and I love the element of heat for my joints, that little bit of a tingle. I’ve had knee issues, elbow issues, but I feel like everything is nice and tight and the heat is almost massaging the joint.”


There are plenty of studies to suggest the benefits of hot yoga—like increased flexibility, improved bone density, reduction in stress, reduced symptoms of depression, healthy boosts to your heart, respiratory system and metabolism, and more.


The challenge is how to achieve that heated environment, and COVID hasn’t made that any easier. Some yoga studios have completely shut their doors while others are limiting capacity, some are even lowering temperatures on their sessions to accommodate for a mandatory mask policy. If you’ve tried to recreate a heated studio feel at home, you know how cumbersome that can be. Solutions range from layering up in cold-weather gear to practicing in the bathroom after a hot shower or getting up close and personal with your space heater. None of these are ideal.


“I’ve put a space heater in my apartment and turned it on,” Harper continued. “But honestly I think Pommello is one of the better ways. I’ve found it really useful putting it on at home, because I’m still getting sweaty and I don’t have to turn the heat on. And it’s insulating you, so the heat stays in and you’re breathing in clean air. That’s the best thing.”


This is an important point. With the exception of infrared heat, hot yoga usually requires a space to be uncomfortably hot, humid and stifling to workout in. With Pommello, that’s no longer an issue. Our patent-pending HeatReflect™ technology returns your own natural body heat back to your joints and muscles, so you start to feel the heat instantly, as soon as you put it on. You’re able to move freely and stretch naturally, as in-the-muscle heat lets you sweat without feeling smothered.


Whether you’re bringing the benefits of hot yoga to your home practice or turning up the intensity on your sweat sessions in the studio, Pommello Sweats is your key to achieving it. Much more than just athleticwear, this is one-of-a-kind fitness equipment with a lifetime warranty, built to help you get the most out of your workout. And now is the perfect time for it.


“There aren’t many things that replace a hot studio like this product,” Harper concluded. “I would think this would be really in-demand now, because the online workouts and the at-home workouts are going to be around for a long time. Or, indefinitely.”