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Pommello Sweats: the fitness equipment you didn’t know you needed for at-home workouts.

We’re all adjusting to the new normal of at-home fitness. Without the motivation of a workout partner or personal trainer, a lot of us aren’t getting the full benefits of a complete warm-up and an intense training session. Pommello Sweats can help you achieve both.

In 2020, many of us have channeled our extra time and energy into garage gyms or other at-home fitness solutions. Unfortunately, we’re often starting workouts without being properly warmed up, which can inhibit performance and rob our bodies of the total value of our efforts.

Johnny Lee, M.D., is the director of the Asian Heart Initiative at the New York University Langone Medical Center and president of the New York Heart Associates in New York City. As he said in an interview article for the American Heart Association, “Warming up before any workout or sport is critical for preventing injury and prepping your body. Stretching allows for greater range of motion and eases the stress on the joints and tendons. Warming up prepares the circulatory and respiratory system.”

Science shows that warming up before a workout causes blood vessels to dilate and supply your muscles with plenty of oxygen, increases muscle temperature for optimal flexibility and efficiency, and slowly elevates your heart rate. A proper warmup prepares your body for a workout, rather than jumping straight into intense exercise and risking poor performance, undue stress and injury. As an added benefit—as described on our how it works page—adding heat to your workout activates the lymphatic system, the body’s natural sanitation system, reducing inflammation from injury, minimizing lactic acid buildup for faster recovery, and supporting overall health.

But getting an adequate warmup before each workout can be unrealistic when we feel we don’t have the time or space, or we’re in a garage gym that’s just simply too cold to begin with.

Pommello Sweats return your own body’s natural heat back to your joints and muscles, so you can warm up faster, stay warm longer and maximize your workout. Whether you’re short on time and space or unable to raise the temperature in the room, Pommello lets you dial up the heat and push your home-gym workout to new levels, while moving freely and feeling comfortable, not smothered or constrained. As CrossFit coach and retired-competitor, Sacha Adkins said, “It feels like a second skin. It’s breathable. It doesn’t feel heavy. It feels very light. The heat is not uncomfortable, because it’s not in the air.”

Many experts recommend five to 10 minutes of jogging, walking, cycling or dynamic stretching (like bent-knee lunges) as a minimum pre-workout routine. With Pommello, you can achieve the same effectiveness in less time. Crystal Emmanuel is a Canadian Olympic sprinter. After just a few minutes in Pommello Sweats, Crystal said, “I can feel the heat inside. I’m not usually a person who warms up really quickly but, in the gear, it feels really warm. For me, that’s surprising.”

With Pommello Sweats you retain more of your body’s heat, to get you feeling warm, loose, and ready to make the most of your at-home workout.