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It’s a huge tool for me. A secret weapon that nobody else has. I warm up in it. I walk out in it. And I feel great about it.


Matthew “The Milkman” Kendall is a professional Muay Thai fighter, kickboxer and personal trainer. Matt wears Pommello as a sauna suit to help him sweat and cut weight before a fight, and also as his daily training apparel to get the most out of every workout. When our founder Calvin Ng dropped in on Matthew’s workout to discuss Pommello, he had plenty to say.


“The Pommello suit helps me in my everyday training. Where traditional sauna suits you’d use only near the end of camp to cut weight, I use this every single day. I can move around in a full range of motion. It’s durable. And it’s breathable. I enjoy being in the suit and I enjoy training in it.”


Made with the same material used by NASA, the patent-pending HEATREFLECT™ technology woven into Pommello fabric returns your own body heat back to your muscles and joints to intensify your workout.


“Leading up to a fight, the threat of not making weight is very real and scary. The thing about Pommello, I’m able to train in the suit. I’m not swinging sweat everywhere, it’s staying confined. When it gets to the point that I’ve sweat enough in it and I know I’m ready to take it off, it’s not because I’m overheated. My workout is done and I probably can’t pull any more water out.”


Whether you’re a professional fighter looking for a permanent solution to bulky, uncomfortable sauna suits, or one of the millions of people turning to at-home workouts or garage gyms, Pommello will help you gain the edge.


“It’s something that will help people get the best out of their exercise. Run, bike, box, whatever.It’s a huge piece of equipment that I think everyone should own.”



Hear from The Milkman how Pommello has revolutionized his entire approach, from training days to fight nights.