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The New Athlete

The New Athlete


Modern science illustrates the essential bond between health and fitness.

“In 2013, I was almost killed by an asthma attack brought on by chemical toxicity. My body was being poisoned by chemicals from the products I was using and consuming every day, and I had no idea. That was really the beginning of this journey for me.”

Pommello founder Calvin Ng didn’t set out to be an expert in sports science. But during the process of understanding and managing his own health, he started noticing disturbing trends that he couldn’t ignore

The Stuff We Put In Our Bodies.

“There are two existing trends in the health and fitness community that I believe are outdated and dangerous. The first has to do with what we eat and drink. Protein shakes, meal replacements, dietary supplements—all this stuff is manufactured with dirty chemicals like food additives and artificial sweeteners. Not only do these things have no place in our dietary systems, they’re antithetical to the fitness goals that lead us to consume them in the first place.”

Calvin points out that many food and drug regulations operate on minimally acceptable levels. While each product we interact with may contain less-than-harmful amounts of a chemical, the reality is that our interactions with that product don’t exist in a controlled environment like a testing lab.

“One chemical is fine; our bodies can handle it. But we’re exposed to hundreds of these chemicals each day, and the cumulative effect is killing us.”

Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton is an expert on metabolism, and the impact of toxins on the human body. She holds doctorates in medicine and philosophy from the University of Oxford. In a 2002 white paper, Dr. Baillie-Hamilton had this to say on the matter:

 “The relationship of toxins to chronic disease, especially cancer, has been well documented. Over the past 100 years—since synthetic chemicals first appeared—toxins have so permeated every aspect of our lives and environment that chemicals have fundamentally altered the ways our bodies work.”

Dr. Baillie-Hamilton pointed to the chemicals involved in raising livestock, as an example. When we eat commercially-produced meat that has been treated with chemicals, any additives remaining in the animal products enter our systems. Depending on the toxin, this can lead to weight gain, chronic disease, nerve damage, muscle damage, hormonal imbalance, and a variety of other potential conditions—regardless of our fitness routines or other dietary choices.

The Way We Treat Our Bodies

“The second trend I see is very different approaches from the fitness communities and the health communities. One group seems to work out all the time, focusing on athletic performance with no emphasis on their overall health. At the other end of the spectrum, you have health enthusiasts who eat organic and obsess over their food consumption, but rarely visit the gym or take part in athletics. In reality, the two are symbiotic and should be considered intrinsically tied. ‘Fit’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘healthy’—and vice versa. They’re two sides 
of the same coin.”

Over the course of the same research, Calvin found evidence of people coming to a similar conclusion. Several modern athletes—The New Athlete, as he’s dubbed them—are taking a much more balanced and holistic approach to health and fitness.

“Tom Brady. Lebron James. These guys value their health and realize quality food intake and awareness of our environment directly impact our bodies. They know it’s about the lifestyle, not just fitness or performance.”

The Crucial Next Step

“In my fitness journey I’ve discovered a new way of working out that accelerates athletic performance levels and reduces recovery time. It stems from the body's natural relationship with heat. This heat science also has an incredible impact on our overall health, because it directly affects the internal operations of our bodies.”

The HeatReflect technology in Pommello Sweats returns your own natural heat back to your body. A combination of heat-retention and heat-reflection stimulates the lymphatic system, the body’s natural sanitation system, helping you clear toxins from your muscles and joints as you move through your workout.

The New Athlete is paying increasingly more attention to sports science each day. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone who just wants to live a healthy, pain-free, and disease-free life, Pommello Sweats can help to roll back the presence and effects of toxins in your body and contribute to getting your health journey on track.