How is Pommello Sweats different from other athletic apparel?
Most sports apparel is produced to help you stay cool and wick sweat away. Our research shows that the body performs better under heat stress, which has been shown to result in greater gains in shorter periods of time. The Pommello Sweats line isn't everyday wear or athleisure. Our product is performance wear, a fitness tool to help you with your workouts, like a good supplement or a piece of exercise equipment.


Will Pommello Sweats keep me warm if I am not working out?
No. Pommello Sweats is designed to insulate the heat around your body when you move in it. The Sweats require movement to generate heat. The more you move, the more heat you generate.


Will my Sweats work if I only buy one piece of the set but not the other?
A: To get the best heat-stress results, we recommend that your whole body should be warmed. Using one part of the set may not ensure total core warm up and may not maximize our products’ benefits to the fullest.

Does Pommello Sweats come in other styles?
Yes, there are more styles that will be offered. Check our website often to see what’s coming out next.

Does Pommello Sweats come in different colors?
Pommello Sweats is currently offered in black, more colors will be available at a later time.

Can I use Pommello Sweats in a yoga class?
Absolutely. You can use it in a heated room to generate more heat or you can use it in a non-heated room and simulate the same effects of hot yoga. Make sure you maintain a healthy intake of water.

How do I wash or care for my Pommello Sweats?
You may hand wash or launder our products in a laundry bag, in cold water, on the delicate setting.  Do not put your Pommello Sweats in the dryer. Hang dry only. To minimize the potential for creasing, we recommend hanging on a regular clothes hanger. Do not fold to store.

Will the fabric stain from wearing deodorant?
As long as you wash your Pommello Sweats after your workout, potential staining should be minimized. Using natural deodorants will not only reduce your body’s overall toxic burden but most will not stain your gear. Natural enzyme laundry soaps are the best way to safely clean your gear from bacteria and odor without leaving a residue.

Can I swim in Pommello Sweats?
Yes. Pommello Sweats is water resistant and lightweight.

What if I am between sizes?
We recommend ordering the smaller of the sizes. Pommello Sweats is meant to be worn snug to achieve the best results. Our patent-pending HeatReflectTM fabric has an incredible range of elasticity.

Should I talk to my doctor before using Pommello Sweats?
You should always consult with your physician before you participate in any new physical activity that is not a part of your regular routine.

If I don't fit your sizing chart, is custom order available?
We are not able to offer custom orders at this time.

What if it doesn't fit?
We do allow exchanges for size, but you will have to pay for the shipping.