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Pommello Sauna Suit Women | Weight Loss Body Shaper | Racerback Tank | Gym Athletic Waist Trainer | Anti Rip Super Stretch

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Brand: Pommello

Color: Black


  • BURN CALORIES FASTER AND SHED POUNDS WITH EASE - HeatReflect isn’t just technology; it’s your weight loss ally. Made with NASA grade titanium lining, HeatReflect raises your body’s temperature, unlocking the key to rapid weight loss. Imagine each calorie melting away as the revitalizing heat of HeatReflect wraps around you, feeling invigorating, without overwhelming you. It’s your personal sauna.
  • FLATTERING SHAPEWEAR AND SUPPORTIVE FIT - Our HeatReflect top doesn’t just shape; it empowers. Support and lift enhance your natural beauty, creating a silhouette that demands attention. Designed for your body, this compression masterpiece ensures comfort and confidence – no irritations, no distractions.
  • POWERFUL GUARANTEES, UNDENIABLE GAINS - With a 1-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, we're not just selling gear – we're offering you a game-changing advantage. It's not a risk; it's an opportunity to transform your training. From the first stride to the final push, our women's workout gear will become your secret weapon, propelling you towards excellence.
  • PREVENT INJURY, CONQUER THE CHALLENGE - Embrace the power of heat compression, a game-changer for athletes like you. Say goodbye to muscle fatigue, soreness, and tension. Our cutting-edge technology is your shield, safeguarding you against injuries and fueling your physiotherapy journey. From rookies to pros, HeatReflect keeps you in the game, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.
  • VERSATILITY UNLEASHED - Embrace the Pommello spirit in every sport, every challenge. HeatReflect empowers you to conquer boot camps, crush gym sessions, and dominate outdoor training. Torch calories, sculpt your physique – this isn't just a slimming top; it's your transformation catalyst. The heat you generate? It's the fuel to set new standards, the catalyst for the next level of glory. JOIN THE WINNING TEAM - ADD TO CART TODAY!