Pommello Sweats Sauna Suit - Pommello
Pommello Sweats Sauna Suit - Pommello
Pommello Sweats Sauna Suit - Pommello
Pommello Sweats Sauna Suit - Pommello

Pommello Sweats Sauna Suit

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Our patent-pending fabric features a titanium sheeting — a technology used by NASA — that leverages body heat for an in-the muscle heat that warms you up without overheating. 

This antimicrobial sauna suit controls body odors, helps manage sweat and uses a light-weight neoprene to outlast the plastic sauna suits of years gone by. Our sauna suits are covered by a lifetime warranty.  


We reinvented the sauna suit to be both functional and look like clothing you would want to wear. Our light-weight fabric is compression-like and built with a titanium sheeting to turn up the intensity of any training session. Unlike other sauna suits, ours will manage your sweat -- so you won’t get your fight partner wet -- provide tremendous range of motion, and is not made with petroleum-based neoprene.


In the past, sauna suits have been known to rip easily and often smell bad with repeated use. Ours are incredibly durable, extremely stretchy and feature a unique cell memory that molds to your body shape without getting loose over time. Our easy-to-wash Sweats will be your go-to for years to come.



The heat generated from moving in Pommello Sweats™ dilates the blood vessels, promotes blood flow, and helps sore and tight muscles relax. The increased circulation can help remove the buildup of lactic acid that occurs during intense exercise, which improves endurance.

“Not overheating, that’s huge for me. The heat goes straight into your muscles like a sauna. It’s a game changer.”

Matt Kendall, 165 lbs North American ISKA kickboxing champion

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